Smoke detectors are in use 24 hours a day, so it is very important that they remain functional at all times.

Here is how a proper checkup should be done:

  • Press and hold the button on the face of the smoke detector for a few seconds. You should hear a long beep letting you know the smoke detector is still functional.
  • If the beep is intermittent, replace the battery immediately. This sound means the battery must be changed.
  • Test the smoke detector by lighting a match or a candle directly underneath the smoke detector in order to confirm that it will ring the alarm in case of smoke.
  • If your smoke detector is directly linked to a central alarm system, make sure that the signal has properly been sent to the central.
  • NEVER use rechargeable batteries.

It is important to know that as of October 1st 2018, in compliance to Quebec’s updated electric code, it will be mandatory to install hard-wired fire detectors in each bedroom including rooms that could be used as bedrooms as well as installing one per common area. The smoke detector should be changed every 10 years.