We’ve specialized in renovating Montréal-style homes for over 20 years. From design to worksite launch, we carry out major projects and transform lives by improving spaces in and around the city. 

A dream project calls for dream collaboration, where each participant is made better by the others.


For us, renovation is about more than just the aesthetics of a space. It’s about achieving the perfect balance between cost, timeline and final result. It’s about understanding our customers and their needs, and working together to find tailor-made solutions that suit their reality. 

At ESPÉ, we foster long-term collaboration with ou partners and customers. 

We believe in being transparent, from start to finish, to guarantee that projects have the best possible outcomes. We design practical, comfortable living spaces that can evolve with our customers—not just for today, but for life.


Our goal is to simplify your life during your renovation project.


It’s simple—we take care of everything from start to finish! We coordinate the various trades and components of each stage of the project. We take charge of things so your life can continue as normally as possible throughout the work.

Our team

José Luis Carrero

Customer Experience and Scaling Up

Marianne Chamberland

Customer Experience

David Dermardiros

Customer Experience and Attraction

Marie-Claude Dubois-Rioux

Development and Customer Experience

Frédéric Gemme

Development and Customer Experience

Florence Hudon

Customer Experience and Scaling Up

Grecia Luna

Customer Experience

Jean-François Mathieu

Customer Experience

Kendric Mathieu

Customer Experience

Karine Moreau-Laplante

Scaling Up

Justin Ortiz Garcia

Customer Experience

Jon Ouimet


Valérie Perreault

Development and Attraction

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