Renovation projects in mind? Do you have one or more rooms that are in the running to be renovated? Calling on a general contractor can be of great help in completing your renovation project (s). However, one must first make sure to choose the right entrepreneur to work with.Here, to help you make your decision, are the 5 great qualities you should find in your general contractor.

1. Is your general contractor well established?

The first criterion to check is whether your general contractor is in good standing with the licenses (R.B.Q. and others) required by law. This may seem trivial, but many people fail to learn about the issue.

Then, it is important to know if the company has a good reputation in the community and on social networks. Do not hesitate to observe the company’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and the opinions on the web. It can also be very interesting to see if the general contractor has received awards and distinctions, or if we talked about them in the media.

2. Ensure the general contractor is qualified

Find out about the projects done by the general contractor you have chosen. Check out their website and do not hesitate to call them and start a discussion to learn more about the company, their expertise, their successes, etc. Hearing from the person of interest directly about these different elements will give you a good idea about the type of business they represent. A person appearing bored and passionless may approach your renovation project with the same attitude …

Note that some contractors will even offer to visit job sites in progress in order to help you understand the renovation process. Do not be afraid to take advantage of this opportunity!

3. An organization defying all the unexpected

The general contractor is a bit like the conductor of your renovation. Choose a general contractor who works with an entire “orchestra” of expertise: a structural specialist, an insulation expert, a plumber, an electrician and other experienced specialists.

The company must have all the necessary suppliers at its disposal and be able to coordinate them precisely in order to offer the best solutions to its customers, but also to meet deadlines.

A good general contractor should be able to reassure you as to the fluidity of execution of the renovation project. Some even offer 3D rendering technical plans to give their customers a concrete idea of the renovation project before it is started.

4. Transparency for trust

A competent and reliable contractor will provide you with all the necessary information in a transparent way. Do not hesitate to ask for a meeting at the office to talk in detail about your renovation projects and get an official quote. It may also be a good time to ask questions about financing your renovation project, if need be.

A face-to-face meeting on their premises will allow you to enter the world of general entrepreneur potential, to see how he presents his business in his own environment and to have a more frank discussion with him.

Let’s be honest: a general contractor who owns his business in premises that have been dubiously remodeled (or even unsightly) and who cannot give you clear and precise answers to your questions, should not be a good omen for the rest to come…

5. A proactive general contractor

A proactive general contractor will be able to listen to your needs and meet the specifications related to your renovation project. He can also offer you innovative ideas, both functional and aesthetic.

You can of course have requirements on your side. However, a good general contractor, as an expert, should always remain proactive and looking for the best solutions to your needs.

If a few problems arise, a qualified general contractor will also be able to cope by finding creative and adapted solutions.


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