Free time is precious: we want to maximize our moments with family and friends as much as possible. Preparing a renovation project takes time. Personalized follow-up can save you time and money to finally obtain a functional and ergonomic design in your living spaces.

We reduce customer involvement and are recognized for our turnkey support. Turnkey means that you can find all the necessary services at ESPÉ, from design to the final touches of the renovation project, with superior quality.


Preparing the turnkey renovation project


ESPÉ has created, for you, a charter of the reasons why certain services and specialists are inevitable in renovation. These services certainly have advantages when considered in silos. However, to be turnkey, the key question to maximize your ROI is how do you bring all of these benefits under one roof and how do you completely eliminate their weaknesses?



All renovation services under one roof: ESPÉ


At ESPÉ, the three services are offered in an integrated and turnkey manner. The utopia of knowing your work costs by interacting only with a design firm ends with us! Moving walls, drains, doors and windows or decompartmentalizing a space are elements often proposed in silos. In this way, major impacts on the budget and deadlines of your project can be induced and which you will only be surprised after having completed your design. To save you from losing money, unnecessary mental load and additional activities, our team of renovation specialists is the guardian of your project from the dream to the final touches.


Your work requires a turnkey service


You will be supported by a unit made up of autonomous and efficient multidisciplinary talents: designer, client manager, project manager and technologist. This unit will be able to create cohesion between these services and put in place the foundations to build a relationship of trust with you. It is through our renovation experience accumulated over more than 20 years in the field of renovation, our skill in project management and our presence in finishing work that you will have a unique on-site experience!

Turnkey is part of the ESPÉ culture


Whether through targeted inspections or the level of detail contained in our construction plans, you will receive concrete deliverables highlighting important elements supporting your decisions. At ESPÉ, we seek information, explore new ideas, analyze technical feasibility and use data effectively to define your project. All our actions are oriented towards achieving your expectations and satisfying your needs.

Being a service company, ESPÉ offers you a range of training and documentation on technical aspects and project management in renovation. For example, our blog is continually updated to inform you on various subjects. Between subsidies for its renovation, energy efficiency of your home, or even hidden defects; we explain everything to you. We also talk about security by helping you choose an alarm system, and we tell you everything you need to know about wood fireplaces and regulations, how to prepare your home for winter, etc. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, we probably have it in the ESPÉ quality seal. Do not hesitate to contact us!

In summary, to achieve our mission of transforming space to transform your life, we offer you all the services necessary to plan and execute your renovation project, in an integrated and turnkey manner. From design to completion, including estimation, we will be at your side to realize your dream project.