In residential design, a room’s renovation must always complement the needs and personality of its occupant.From design right up to the move-in, the goal of our designers is to create a functional and aesthetic space all while ensuring its durability.The secret? A shared passion with our clients and a relentlessly authentic creative approach.

What makes a good residential design?

A good interior designer inspires emotions and makes our clients dream. It’s not enough that a renovated room be the perfect match for your daily needs, but it should also be a physical and psychological oasis. In other words, it has to reflect your lifestyle.

This is where customization comes in. With the right general contractor, furniture and decor can be custom-made so that, at the end of the day, every piece fits a unique personality.

A sound residential design allows us to adapt spaces and elements to the occupant—not the other way around.

So, how do you find a good residential designer?

A good residential designer can be spotted personal touch and their ability to adapt.

If our clients hire a designer, it’s primarily because they want some personalized support and guidance in their choices.

That being said, it’s also important that the expert that’s been selected is an excellent listener who cares about their client’s project. This ensures that the final outcome of the renovated room will match the client’s initial needs.

At ESPÉ, we strive to offer a blend of these two features. Since our designers are in fact designer-contractors, all the projects we design are also executed by our team.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of our designers’ expertise and creativity throughout the interior design project. Moreover, our designers make it a point of considering any possible issues that certain renovation choices may implicate, sparing our clients of many headaches.

So how do we think of a room?

Consider the Occupant

A room will never be modified only for the sake of its own aesthetic or practical value. On the contrary, the occupant is at the heart of this design/redesign.

Instead of focusing on what could increase a space’s value, the right approach is to start with the occupant. What are their passions? Lifestyle? What can simplify their day-to-day? What do they like, aesthetically?

Have a fondness for oenology? Why not think of a way to express that? If sports are more our client thing, how about making a workout equipment an organic part of their space?

The possibilities are endless.

Consider the Space

It’s only then that we begin reimagining the space, in light of the constraints of the room itself or the impact that certain choices will have on the project budget.

Location of walls, furniture, decor and accessories: everything can be revisited according to the space available and your objectives.

For a smaller space, your designer can think up ways to open up or extend it. If the walls aren’t organized in an optimal way, we can rebuild them differently or even join two adjacent rooms.

Select your design specialist

Our last piece of advice: pick a residential design specialist that will not only show empathy and transparency but that will be able to get you to dream.

At ESPÉ, our designer-contractors are trained to do even better than make you dream—they do what it takes to make the dream fit with reality.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of them or to learn more about our high-end renovation service.