1- Painting the house

First, painting a house is probably the cheapest and fastest transformation which offers the best return on investment. It doesn’t cost much and it refreshes the house instantly. This investment is always profitable. A very good option whether it is to sell a house or to refresh it for its owner(s).

2- The opening of load-bearing walls

Secondly, in our opinion, the renovation that gives the best return on investment is the opening of a load-bearing wall. Of course, its cost is higher than painting, but it is reasonable compared to renovating a kitchen or bathroom. When you knock down a load-bearing wall, you completely change the configuration of a house and the result is always surprising.  Natural light is better dispersed, giving the impression that the house has expanded, that the rooms are larger.  The house is suddenly more welcoming.

The cost of the abatement of a load-bearing wall varies mainly according to these factors:

– if the structural base needs to be reworked (part that receives the load)

– the materials used (steel is more expensive than wood)

– if the floor joists must be doubled (if they are damaged, either by water or by previous renovations)

– if the beam is to be recessed

– if the load needs to be shared in a T shape (load transferred twice)

– if the foundations need to be strengthened 

Collaboration with structural engineers in the building industry

At ESPÉ we work closely with engineers to ensure that the work performed is in compliance with industry standards. No load-bearing walls are closed (gypsum) until the engineer in charge has confirmed the conformity of the work performed

Teams specialized in building structure

With our teams specialized in building structures, you are in good hands. We demolish load-bearing walls in houses every week. The collaboration we have with structural engineers is well established. Our clients will have all the documents in hand to protect themself against a lawsuit from a potential buyer.