The challenge

Our clients had moved to Montréal for work and bought a two-storey condo in a 100-year-old building. They wanted to update their old, outdated Outremont home and turn it into a place that fits their tastes and lifestyle.

The ask

We needed come up with a functional space that would work for our clients—remote workers who love to cook. They also wanted a master bedroom with a very chic en-suite bathroom. Not only was the condo in poor condition, but the downstairs dwelling was also being renovated—we needed to ensure strong collaboration so the work would go smoothly.

We quickly discovered significant structural issues, so we went into problem-solving mode to rectify these and work on creating a personalized concept. Our plan involved:

  • Securing the three floors being renovated in this century-old building to protect the original structure
  • Repaving the basement and rebuilding the master beam
  • Opening up the main floor as much as possible by removing the laundry room and full bathroom
  • Reconfiguring the second story to add an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom

The result



We transformed the main floor into a much brighter and more open space—perfect for enjoying a little break during the workday. 

On the second floor, we created a beautiful master bedroom and a sleek bathroom with high-end finishes. It was just the haven they needed to wind down after all the professional changes they had faced. 

The after-sales service

After purchasing a new house, our clients asked us to create a space as extraordinary as their condo—a whole new world of possibilities.

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