Whether it is a bathroom or kitchen to be redone, a basement to reimagine or a load-bearing wall to be removed, we know how the simple thought of considering a renovation project can be stressful and exciting all at once.

As a general contractor specializing in this type of project in Montreal, we have the expertise to guide you through the planning and execution of your project regardless of its size.

However, to be able to accompany you through the steps, there are a few questions you must ask yourself before contacting us. Here is a list allowing you to better prepare yourself to our meeting.

1. Your Needs for your renovation project

Why are you undertaking the remodel? Is it a question of esthetics, structure or are you looking to adapt your home to a changing family dynamic?

Do you plan on keeping your home for many years to come or is a sale or rent option possible in the foreseeable future? What are your priorities?

Make a wish list of items needed to be corrected, another of essential upgrades and a final list of nice-to-haves. This will be of great help during our first meeting and for the creation of your quote because it will allow us to better judge our interventions and prepare an estimate that’s reflects more closely your project and avoid misunderstandings.

2. The Scope of the project to be undertaken

Do you plan on an extension, on removing walls or do you just simply wish to modernise the existing space?

Depending on your needs, the answer is not always obvious.

It is imperative that you determine ahead of time just how far you are willing to go in your renovation and let us know as soon as possible so that we can guide you through the right steps to take.

3. Your Habits

As much as it is functional and habitual, your lifestyle and use of the space to be renovated will help us not only better understand how to efficiently plan out the room but also make it as habitable as possible throughout the renovation process.

In this regard, it may be wise to consider temporarily relocating during the remodel. As much as it can be costly and must be calculated in the total budget, this option can in many cases avoid undue stress and make the process more enjoyable.

4. Your Style

This is often the most difficult aspect to determine.

Our designer will help you, but will need an idea of what you like and dislike. You have no clue where to start? You can begin by consulting design magazines and websites such as HOUZZ to get inspired.

Then regroup all your favourites in a scrapbook that you can show your designer. He or she will then be able to pinpoint your style and guide you through the ideal planning and material choices in order to make your dreams come true!

5. Your Budget

We know this is a sensitive topic, but it is very often the most important one.

Being able to present us with a ballpark figure will allow us to help you make the right decisions and guide you through the steps required for your project. Our goal is not to reach the top of your budget at all costs, but in fact help you sort through what can be reasonably achieved on your wish list and give you options to check off as many items as possible.

With all this information in hand, the ESPÉ team will be able to give you the best service possible before and during the project, which once completed, will not only reflect your unique style, but will be executed to your satisfaction and in all transparency. We look forward to meeting you!