When starting a renovation project, it’s important to understand that there are three key elements that will drive the project. 

  • 1. budget
  • 2. delays
  • 3. quality
These three elements can’t be of equal importance, we have to choose one and prioritize it.


If the cost (or the budget) is not flexible, and is the main element driving your project, you will have to make decisions based on this element. We agree on it and we determine the budget. We will classify what is essential and what is desirable and we will find the project that is the most valuable for you and for the budget.

2.fixed price

You can use the method that’s right for you. You can find all the details in this article.


After the budget, we find the delays. You will give birth in 7 months. You have to move in somewhere in 8 months. There are as many reasons as clients that exist ! 😉 Your project must be finished on a specific date.

The custom order or the perfect color match is not the priority in this situation. That’s why we adjust our approach offering you different options according to your needs.


The third and final element is quality. You want to create your “forever home”, you know you want to stay in this house forever or at least for a very long time so you want to make yourself a present. You want to accomplish your dream but for this, you are ready to have a longer delays because you want customized items.. We’ll use different subcontractors, select employees to work on your project, detail cuts and angles, and draw up more detailed installation plans.

It will be longer and more expensive but it will last longer and you’ll have no regrets !


As you can see on the image, we cannot have the three elements on the same level. A project is full of compromises. The success of the project is in the direction that we will choose. 

What is sure is that at ESPÉ we find the balance that responds to your needs. It is a mix of everything but with different dosages. That is why we want to know what your priority is on these three elements.