1- Obtain a preliminary quote before the start of the creative process. 

At Espé Reno Urbaine, you will receive from our designers a detailed quote of your project without even having a plan. The purpose of this preliminary quote is to allow you to qualify and define the parameters of your project, according to your budget. No designer or independent architect can offer you such budget and technical information before you embark on expensive plans that are often disconnected from your financial reality.




2- Make plans and design according to a predefined budget. 

Once the preliminary quote has been accepted, the design process will be carried out by the same designer of Espé Reno Urbaine, who will take into account all previous discussions about your styles and needs. Do you want to revise the concept to reduce the cost of the project? Or, on the contrary, does your budget allow you to include a few “nice to have’s”? No problem! The designer works with you in conjunction with the technical estimator, to develop your project all the while taking into account the target budget.

3- Ensure a perfect communion between the plans and the contractor's bid. 

The plans are complete and the changes decided in the design process are integrated into the quote. We now have plans that express the same thing as the quote. The traditional path of an independent designer working with a contractor often gives way to documents that do not always match 100%, creating great risks of costly mistakes and conflicts on the worksite.

4- Save on design and site monitoring costs. 

Plans produced and used by Espé Réno Urbaine are produced faster as the level of detail required for internal use is substantially simplified compared to the traditional plans issued for bidding. Therefore, the design costs are significantly less as they are absorbed partially by the entrepreneur who achieves a higher volume of business in offering the service. In doing so, design costs will be much lower than those charged by independent designers / architects.

5- Obtain a harmonious construction site on which the designer and entrepreneur are one. 

Bringing together the designer and the entrepreneur within the same entity provides a very different dynamic from the traditional approach. Indeed, the communication in case of variation to the contract will be transparent and fluid, since the client does not have to act as an intermediary between the parties who unfortunately usually seek to blame one another instead of finding a win-win solution in the customer’s favour.

6- Reduce the time between the beginning of the design and the start of the work. 

In fact, your renovation start date is reserved upon acceptance of the preliminary quote BEFORE the design process begins. This allows you to skip the mandatory waiting period for the plans to be drawn up, the bidding time in order to get several quotes and the choice of the contractor, not to mention the availabilities they may or may not have. You can easily save at least three months in the process with the integrated approach of Espé Reno Urbaine.