ESPÉ offers a turnkey premium interior design service to help you plan and execute your renovation project.Our privileged support service will be there to guide our clients through all the steps of your project, from the first meeting until that finishing touch. In choosing ESPÉ, our clients will work together with a designer-contractor.  

1. Planning Your Interior Design Project in Montreal

A designer-contractor is a designer who is also a member of a team specialized in general contracting. Our designer-contractors are therefore not only qualified in interior design, but they also boast an understanding of the general reality of a renovation job site.

With a thorough understanding of all the challenges that could crop up in a renovation project, our designer-contractors are ready to handle most of the problems from the very first design step. The planning process, therefore, never loses sight of the subsequent phases, and the client can rest assured that all measures are taken from the beginning of the project to make sure that his/her requests and needs will be fulfilled.

In this sense, the design is a part of a turnkey service, and not an element that is kept separate from the work of the general contractor, so many problems that can arise during the project are completely avoided.

2. Respecting Your Budget

At ESPÉ, we make sure to always respect your global budget. Another difference between an interior designer and a designer-contractor is that a designer will tend to overlook the budgetary variations that can occur during the execution of the design by the general contractor. In other words, not necessarily having a comprehensive idea of all the project steps, the designer will always place emphasis on the design aspect, without making sure that his/her ideas are fully in sync with the contractor’s work.

However, since the work of a designer-contractor is part of an integrated approach, we avoid exceeding any costs, and the designer-contractor shoulders the entire project.

3. Shorter Turnaround Times

When you work with a designer-contractor, you’ll experience shorter delays at every phase of the project. For a standard project, you could be investing a lot of time alongside a designer working on the concept, only to have to then get quotes from numerous contractors. This can compromise planning in terms of timelines.

When you hire a designer-contractor, on the other hand, the planning of the renovation itself is tied into the design process. This way you will have already determined work dates even before anything has begun.

Your designer-contractor makes choices for your interior design project in Montreal without losing sight of deadlines. The designer’s concept will, from the start, be aligned with all project target dates, so ESPÉ clients don’t have to endure three or four interviews with different potential designers and contractors; once the designer-contractor has been chosen, the entire project gets underway with a turnkey process.

4. Collaboration with a team leader

Our designer-contractors work closely with the project manager, who is responsible for making sure that the project parameters are always being respected, making for greater fluidity between the conceptualization/design phase and the contractor’s actual execution of the project.

In this respect, a designer-contractor does not merely serve as the eye of the client, but also as the project’s caretaker, making him/her the client’s ally who can provide the latter with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is there to protect his/her vision and needs.

5. In Touch with Montreal’s Issues

Our interior design-specialized team is well aware of the challenges associated with the city of Montreal and knows how to manage them. For your interior design renovation project in Montreal, you can rest assured that our designer-contractors can spot any difficulties that may arise during the renovation process, such as:

— Problems with exterior insulation;

— Hard-to-change slatted floors;

— Rubble foundation walls;

— Adding, changing or moving plumbing columns;

— Multiplying the number of load-bearing walls;

A designer who is not a contractor is not necessarily equipped to face all of these problems, whereby a designer-contractor is very well-prepared to manage all these issues. If everything is not seriously thought out from the beginning, you can be almost certain to run into several issues along the way, which can hurt your final budget.

For more information on our interior design service in Montreal, don’t hesitate to contact ESPÉ today or inspire yourself by visiting our page showcasing some Montreal renovation achievements.