Wood never goes out of fashion

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Regardless of the current trend in interior design, wood remains timeless. Used in large quantities or in small doses, it is almost always a safe investment.

This is especially true when wood essences of so-called “classic” origin like maplecherry, walnut or pine are predominantly used.


 Wood elements create a unique kitchen

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Wood provides unique results. Whether it is used on the floor, ceiling, walls, in furniture or simply as a decorative support, the possibilities are almost endless. It can be stained, sanded, painted, left natural looking, combined with other types of wood or with noble materials such as stone, etc.

In addition, wood is a natural material that is generally not very well processed. The intrinsic properties of wood mean that a specific piece of wood will never look like another. The knots, original color, and grain will never be exactly the same from one piece to another, which can bring a lot of personality to a kitchen. The region from which chosen wood is coming from can also be of influence, as for the age of the tree used, the cutting method used, etc. All these points will have an influence on the final aspect of your kitchen, making it definitely unique.


A wide range of choices

There are a large number of different types of wood. In home remodeling, for example, people will often choose between maple wood, cherry wood, walnut, pine, teak, African mahogany, ebony, Macassar ebony, zebrawood, or many others. The list is long!


 For a more traditional style:

Feel free to use maple, walnut or cherry, which will add freshness and nobility to your kitchen walls or cabinets.

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For a more rustic design:

In recent years, there have been various lines of vintage wood on the market with a more rustic look. Pine, cherry, and oak are among the most popular woods to achieve this style.

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To make it more original:

Exotic woods such as teak, mahogany, Macassar or ebony zebrawood can be used to support or enhance certain decorative elements. As exotic wood is generally heavier to the eye, it is recommended to use it sparingly, unless you want to create a striking effect.

For example, it may be a good idea to match ebony with a solid color. In this way, the more pronounced black tips of this wood will play an additional role compared to the rest, without creating a feeling of heaviness.

Wood grants a certain prestige to furniture

A solid wood table, like chairs or cabinets made of finely crafted wood, can also greatly enhance the appearance of a room.

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Resistance to time

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Beyond the design aspect, another advantage of wood cabinets is that they will be resistant to time, due to the natural hardness of the material. Moreover, if your wood becomes worn out in certain places or if the color you previously chose no longer pleases you, it is also possible to sand it and thus give it new youth. In this way, it is always possible to make it recover the appearance it had at the very beginning or to change its appearance with the addition of a new shade.

A Quick Water Warning

However, for wood to last this long, you must remember that it does not like water! Not only must you be careful to protect the wood from moisture, but it is important to ensure that you wipe and dry it as quickly as possible if an accident occurs. Remember to pay attention to properly maintain the toe kicks (wet mops) and doors or drawers near sink areas.


We usually suggest using water lightly soaped with mild soap for wood care. Strong and chemical products are generally not recommended.


In short, why use wood in a kitchen?

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Beyond the arguments we have just outlined, remember that the kitchen is often, with the dining room and sometimes the living room, one of the central rooms of the house. With family or friends, you will undoubtedly spend a lot of time there.

Wood, with its varied geometric layout possibilities, its multiple possibilities to reflect light, its infinite colors, and textures, will therefore have a pleasant influence on your daily life.


Questions or projects you would like to discuss?

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