The city…


Town of Mount Royal is the only community in Quebec to have followed an urban plan for its development, from its foundation to the present day. This urban plan, today reflected in its PIIA (site planning and architectural integration program), is used by the CCU (Comité Consultatif d’Urbanisme) to authorize work, with the aim of preserving the spirit of its building heritage. Thanks to this, Town of Mount Royal is recognized for its beauty. The CCU will therefore be in charge of your file, whether you wish to modify your façade or extend your house, for example. At ESPÉ, we take care of all these procedures for you, to make your life easier and ensure that your renovation is as hassle-free as possible. Note also that the CCU will interpret the PIIA according to the architectural style of your home, which is why it’s important to be accompanied by a professional who’s well aware of this reality.

A little history…


Town of Mount Royal was conceived as a railway project. The aim was to run a train under Mount Royal so that the inhabitants of this model town, once a field, could quickly get to downtown Montreal. This makes the town an ideal setting for families seeking a suburban lifestyle in the city. Indeed, in Town of Mount Royal, there are mainly residential streets with garages and gardens, while local shops are found in the center and on the outskirts. These homes and this lifestyle are very popular with young families, especially as there are excellent public schools. The area is also home to a dynamic seniors’ community with a strong attachment to the place where their childrens grew up.

Why is it important to renovate your home in Town of Mount Royal?


These homes can be up to 100 years old, and are often in need of extensive renovation. Several generations have lived in them, and different renovations have often been carried out at different times. This type of renovation environment comes with its own set of complexities. That’s why it’s best to call in a home renovation professional to renovate your Town of Mount Royal home.   

Older, unrenovated homes often have no insulation in the walls. If you choose to renovate your home, it’s the perfect time to insulate your walls and save money on your electric bill, as well as make your life more comfortable. 

If your home is more recent or has already been renovated, it may be insulated, but the insulation may not be adequate. Here again, it’s worth reworking the insulation. For energy efficiency improvements, there are grants available to help you financially.

Older houses in the Montagne region also often have problems with insulation and roof ventilation. They’re easy to spot in winter, with huge icicles and ice dams at the ends of their roofs. This can be dangerous and contributes to accelerated roof deterioration.

Asbestos in homes, a frequent problem…

Another problem frequently encountered in Town of Mount Royal homes is the presence of asbestos in their plasterwork or in the covering of plumbing pipes. Before each renovation, we screen the houses for asbestos, as this substance is very harmful to health. If we find asbestos, don’t worry, we’ll decontaminate the house and leave you with a healthy home. 

The style of renovation carried out in this city will be as thorough, when we think of insulation, as it will be sophisticated, with the addition of top-of-the-range finishes adding beautiful added value to the home. A renovation of this kind, done right, is bound to give you a good return on your investment. So it’s an excellent financial decision, especially for families wishing to stay in this ideal neighborhood and living environment for as long as possible. What’s more, you’ll also have a healthier, more environmentally-friendly home – and that’s fantastic!