Would you like to know what holds the full potential of your space in order to create an exceptional living space? An interior designer is the best choice for planning and implementing this transformation.

Why choose an interior designer over a decorator?

Unlike an interior decorator (who focuses on the arrangement of furniture in a room to increase its aesthetic potential), the interior designer will be able to plan the optimization of your living space by improving the functionality and harmony of the structural layouts.

Indeed, an interior designer knows the principles of architecture, design, construction and finishing that will allow your project to be updated according to your wishes. They will be able to manage all the work while being able to control costs and deadlines.

As for the interior decorator, they only work around the decoration aspect without planning any changes in the configuration of the rooms. They will work with the spaces in their existing layouts without redefining them, and therefore will not be able to create a coherent architectural unity by tearing down walls, for example, to enlarge a room.

The interior decorator makes a surface improvement, i.e. he improves the aesthetics of the premises by changing the decorative elements (furniture and accessories, wall colour, etc.). They may propose the replacement of flooring, fixtures, sinks or other elements, but are not trained to manage the steps of a complete or partial renovation.

Optimization of your living space

The interior designer will be able to plan your home renovation project from start to finish. They will take the time to discuss your needs and aspirations in order to offer you a functional living space with harmonious proportions.

They will produce an architectural plan that takes into account the structural elements specific to your property. All the while respecting your ideas and offering you many design possibilities.

They will be able to tell you the elements that could limit certain structural changes, since they must respect the reality of your home’s structure. If only one room needs to be redesigned, the interior designer will take into account the spatial composition of your entire home to maintain balance and overall harmony.

Knowing the processes of residential construction and renovation, this design expert can also suggest the materials and equipment that will be the most appropriate or advantageous for your situation.

As an expert in project management, the interior designer will plan your renovation work down to the last detail, in collaboration with the team leader and all the trades. In the event of an unexpected technical problem, they will be able to find a suitable solution. The interior designer will also be able to ensure that your decorative tastes are respected, while offering you different styles and introducing you to new trends.

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