Since correcting them required major work, they decided that, while they were at it, they would enlarge the bathroom by shrinking the adjacent bedroom. This allowed them to have a bathroom with a linen closet, multi-jet shower, bathtub and double-vanity: no mean feat in this type of house! But, at the same time, they wanted to keep the original count of four bedrooms in order to maintain the value of their home. For help with this, they hired one of our design partners, who came up with a plan for sophisticated plumbing and tiles.

Some of the technical challenges:

• A supporting wall separating the original bathroom from the bedroom was removed on the second storey, but it had to be compensated without putting a column in the middle of the ground-floor living room.

• New studs and polyurethane foam insulation applied to the exterior walls.

• Installation of a heated floor.

• Installation of high-end faucets.

• Manufacture and installation of high-end cabinetry and glass elements.

• Use of Schluter KERDI and DITRA membranes.

• Complicated tile installation.

• High-end finishing