We have been hearing about the smart home for many years now. Technology enthusiasts have long talked about it as something possible in the more or less distant future. Well, it's no longer science fiction!Today, the smart home is an integral part of the daily lives of many homeowners. Home automation is used for the plethora of features it can offer to a wide variety of customers.Built-in, remotely controllable sound systems, smart TVs or projectors, adaptive lighting for welcoming guests or according to the time of day, motorized blinds, etc. Home automation systems are numerous and appeal to a growing number of people. 

The smart home at the service of your imagination

Applications domotiques maison


At the beginning of its history, the term “smart home” was used to describe a home that could be controlled remotely and where some systems could be automated (the “automatic home”, the “domo-tic” home). However, by the multiplication of applications, an important problem was presented to the consumer: he found himself with an infinite number of gadgets that did not communicate between themselves. The scenario quickly turned into chaos!

Today, with rapid progressing technology, the devices generally communicate with each other, in addition to being able to be controlled from a single interface. Your home becomes, in a way, the extension of your body, which you can manage with voice commands or with the pressure of a finger on your smart device.



The staging of your smart home

Salon blanc éclairage domotique

In addition to the control you have on your smart home, home automation can pre-program different scenes and adjustments in advance.

Do you regularly entertain friends at home with a culinary experience? Choose scene # 3 on your tablet. The room will automatically brighten, background music will start playing and the temperature will be adjusted to a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius.

You don’t like when the sun’s rays shine too directly into your home? Program your motorized blinds to fit the time of day and let in only the ideal amount of light.

In the mood for a little romance? Scene # 4 – candlelight dinner – will ignite your electric fireplace, dim the lights and play Debussy’s fluid and controlled fingering from your built-in speakers.

The smart house for more aesthetics

Rénovation domotique Montréal

The home automation systems make it possible to remove many unsightly elements from inside your home. Multiple switches, miscellaneous cables for your sound and entertainment systems, and other items not required by your new remote control system are no longer necessary.

One of the great advantages of home automation systems is that it allows you to perfectly combine function and design. The antagonism between practicality and design simply no longer exists. Your interior designer couldn’t be happier!


The smart home is scalable

Commande Vocale Domotique

Home automation gives you the ability to control the features associated with your home with a single command and ensures a certain comfort level. Your smart home is transformed first and foremost into a useful home.

In addition to all the ease that home automation systems can bring you, these can have an impact on your lifestyle. They can help you, for example, both reduce your energy consumption and increase your sense of security. Here are some other examples of home automation applications:


Air conditioning and heating are the elements that weigh the most on energy consumption, and therefore on your electric bill.

The automation of these prevents repeated oversights. It’s no longer up to you to adapt to your systems but up to them to adapt to you, taking into consideration your habits, the time of day, the time of year, etc.

Water consumption

With a smart home, the water output, irrigation systems and your water heater are configured to maximize their efficiency at key moments or reduce their energy impact at other moments.


Automated base presets, controlled by sensors or changing according to the time of day, your home’s lighting can be managed to adapt to each room while decreasing its energy footprint.

Motorized blinds or shutters

Adaptive to the time of day or the weather or the season, your blinds and shutters help you keep the freshness or warmth of your home inside. In winter, your window coverings are programmed to let in more light, and as a corollary, more heat. At dusk, they close automatically to keep in the heat. Conversely, your blinds adjust in the summer to reduce solar glare.

A motorized blind system can be connected to the lighting system, so that they work together to provide you with the ideal brightness.

Your appliances

Appliances are becoming smarter and are designed to integrate with smart homes. Home automation also provides the ability to control appliances or manage their activation and remote wake cycles.

It goes without saying that we are receiving more and more requests to integrate home automation systems in our kitchen renovation projects.

Home automation to watch over you

Home automation opens the door to two types of security in the smart home:

  1. Active security: which concerns reaction mechanisms in the face of an intrusion or a potential threat.
  2. Passive security: which pertains to prevention and deterrence mechanisms

No matter what kind of security system you want to implement, there are many tools at your disposal:

  • Surveillance cameras: combined with a home automation system, they allow the homeowner to remotely observe and be alerted as soon as suspicious movements are detected in and around the house.
  • Access management: it is possible to give different access codes to the people around you: your family members, employees (ex: cleaning lady, plumber), who will only be able to access your home depending on particular circumstances, such as the time of day or the day of the week.
  • Alarms: whether silent or audible, connected to a smart home, their effectiveness is increased. You can define beforehand a “burglary” setting which will be triggered when an intrusion occurs.

Voice command

You can now manage your home with a simple tool – your voice! Whether using Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, it’s now possible to skip your usual touch support and interact directly with your smart home vocally. The smart home experience becomes even more simplified and organic.

When and how to adopt the smart home lifestyle?

You can choose to add home automation systems at any time to your home. The complexity of their integration will vary depending on what you want to implement.

It goes without saying that if you are in the process of renovating your home, it may be a good time to think about it. This not only avoids opening the walls of the house several times, but also makes sure your home automation systems are seamlessly integrated into the design of your spaces. An interior designer can easily evaluate your smart home needs and have a holistic approach to the renovation project.

In a project as important as transforming your home into a smart home, it is important to work with a competent team that is sensitive to your needs. Home automation should not only be a collection of gadgets but an adapted system designed around the homeowners and their particular lifestyle.

To make the most of your smart home, you have to think about integrating the selected home automation systems into the space. Because it is high tech that can quickly become complex, it is essential to do business with a company that has the necessary knowledge and can provide long-term monitoring.


Questions ?

Our team of experts is there to help you with any questions related to existing systems to make your home even smarter. Do not hesitate to contact us for a specific project or a complete house renovation!