Reasons why you should hire an interior designer to plan your home remodel

Planning to undertake home renovations in the near future and don’t know where to start?

Whether it be for a bathroom, kitchen or complete home transformation, an interior designer is the perfect person to guide you in the process and help you enjoy the adventure.

Since each project and each home are unique, you are bound to be confronted with several important decisions to make before the project can even begin. An interior designer is creative and finds ways of making your space beautiful and functional all at once. They can prove to be a great ally in the planning of your home remodel.

1. Attentive to your needs and desires

From the very first consultation, the designer will analyze your needs and desires regarding the renovation at hand.

They will not only study the space needing to be  redone, but also the entirety of the home in order to ensure that the remodel flows harmoniously with the rest of the home.

This is a crucial step since it is the basis of your project and shines a light on the essentials and the nice-to-haves. You will therefore need to be well-prepared for this meeting. If you want more information on what information to gather before meeting with your designer, please consult the following article:  How to prepare before meeting with Espé Reno Urbaine team.

2. A renovation requires judicious planning

The key to a successful and stress-free remodel is to plan the project ahead of time.

If you want to make sure that delays, costs and the end result are optimized, you must plan, plan, and plan BEFORE executing the work.

An interior designer is THE person who will put together the required documents and help you get ready before the contractor starts, and will be able to answer any questions or find solutions to problems that may arise during the remodel.

3. Creating a coherent architectural unit

As well as adding to the charm and character of your home, you and your interior designer will be able to ensure that everything respects all current regulations on the subject.

It is important to find a balance between function and aesthetics, and creating the appropriate harmonious proportions will allow you to discover and celebrate the true potential of your home.

An interior designer will also help you avoid mistakes that could destroy your vision and completely undermine the final result.

4. An understanding of the building and its components

A good designer will keep your home’s structure in mind and know which key elements to consider in order to improve the present state of your home as long as they are feasible.

By pointing out the limits that your home brings, this will enable you to readjust your vision and make better decisions.

5. Thorough knowledge of the available materials on the market

An interior designer is constantly shopping for clients. They go through catalogues and websites on a daily basis to keep informed on new releases.

They know what’s trending, but also what it available in the surrounding area. They will know where to find the needed materials (at the best price) and be able to offer options that you are bound to adore.

These options will reflect your style and will set a tone for the rest of the space.