Our clients have less and less time on their hands, and whatever time they do have, they want to spend with family and friends. Getting a complete renovation project underway can take up a lot of time that our clients don’t have; that’s where our turnkey renovation service comes in, which lightens the load of preparing and managing such a project.

Preparing a Turnkey Project

As a first step, our team will take some time to understand the needs and budget of our client and will explore different options before settling on a final concept. This period is critical to the success of a turnkey renovation project, since we want to properly evaluate the impact of any decisions made on the rest of the project.


Moving any walls or drains or opening up or moving any windows or doors can have major consequences that require the input of professionals to determine feasibility. We want to assess as many details as possible before getting started to stay aligned with the budget of our clients and avoid any costly mistakes.


Once all the major elements are addressed, we can move on to the selection of materials and details regarding the finishing, which are all presented in 3D so that the client can envision the space before any work begins. It’s the most exciting step, since we pull all the elements that have been chosen into the same concept to create a look that will be unique to each client. This is where our turnkey renovation service is customized to our client’s projects. We’re now getting closer to the work start date and we want to make sure that the final quote reflects the ultimate concept and meets our client’s expectations.


Preparatory Meeting

Before any work on your turnkey renovation project begins, we set up a technical meeting with the team leader responsible for the project. This is the step where our designer will share all the information pertaining to the project with the team leader, while remaining available throughout the project, as needed. Our team leader will want to familiarize him/herself with the site and identify any critical elements that could become challenges if not managed from the get-go. This will allow him/her to determine a production timeline and provide the client with a target finish date for the project. We place great importance on respecting timelines, which is critical to getting the project off on the right foot. And with that, we’re ready to undertake your exciting project.


The Work

The work can begin according to the detailed timeline that was established. Throughout execution, we will planned meetings plotted in the calendar with our client and team leader to ensure quality control.


These meetings are vital and will allow us to adjust the timeline to accommodate any decisions made during these encounters. When it comes to following through on a project’s execution, we don’t leave anything to chance. When we get to the finish line for approval of the work, it’s nothing short of a magical moment for our clients.


There’s no underestimating the satisfaction of witnessing all the upstream work paying off in the result we were aiming for. This result comes from teamwork that provides you a turnkey renovation project that exceeds your expectations.