Most of the bathrooms in Montreal are small. The cost of buying a house is high, while livable space is limited. We are always looking for ways to maximize our space. Here is a design idea to get the most out of your small bathroom.

As a General Contractor who counts on the know how of an in-house design team, we are often asked what can be done to include both a shower and a bath in a given small space. We often recommend a hybrid solution called a “wet zone” to our customers. This zone (as shown on the picture) is next to the bathtub and can be used to take a shower or access the bathtub. Special attention has to be given to waterproof the entire floor in order to eliminate any risk of water filtration.

The bathroom on the picture is approximately 6 feet by 10 feet. In this small bathroom, we were able to insert a double vanity, a freestanding bath and a glass shower separated from the bathtub. It is also interesting to note the following design element: the shower has no step, therefore giving the illusion of having a bigger space!

We are constantly looking for new design solutions to help our customers take advantage of the latest design trends and building techniques. We are a General Contractor who offers an in-house turnkey design service in order to surpass even our wildest customer expectations!