A qualified team


The professionals we hire are trained in a variety of technical aspects, customer service and how to be of service to you, at all times. Knowing that each customer is unique in his or her approach and personality, we take a customized approach to managing each project. Offering quality or turnkey service means developing a relationship of trust with you and our business partners.

If one of our team members moves on to new professional horizons, don’t worry, your project is still important to ESPÉ! All team members are versatile and can support you anytime.

the phases of a project management

For us, project management means keeping track of budgets, deadlines and quality !

In conclusion, we promise you a new renovation experience!

1. ESPÉ won’t let you down, and we’ll even follow up with you a few months after the delivery of your project to confirm that everything is going well in your transformed space!

2. ESPÉ promises you constant support, with a central point of contact for all the information you need to make your life easier!

3. ESPÉ promises superior project management!

4. ESPÉ guarantees a return on your renovation investment!