When undertaking renovations in Westmount, one of the first things we do for our clients is to check with the municipality of Westmount to see if the home is considered heritage or governed by a specific bylaw. The houses in Westmount are old, they have special needs and the municipality of Westmount requires that their regulations be respected.


How to plan your renovation project in Westmount

Any good renovation project begins with good planning, and this is even more true when it comes to renovations in Westmount. We begin by determining and making a detailed list of everything we want to include in the renovation project. From this list, it will be possible to determine everything that will affect the heritage and architectural components. If the renovation project includes one of these components, the municipality of Westmount will require approval of the renovation project by the Westmount CCU (Urban Planning Advisory Committee) to approve your renovation project. In addition, the municipality of Westmount now requires an asbestos test in most cases in order to protect you and the workers who will carry out the renovation project in your home. It is important to check this before the work begins.

Architectural Heritage in Westmount

The Municipality of Westmount will obligate you to keep some key elements characteristic of Westmount’s architecture. This refers to any exterior modifications, such as walls, doors and windows, roofing and landscaping. Some minor changes may be permitted without going to the CCU, but you must make sure that your project is in compliance with the Westmount Architectural Heritage Regulations. No major external changes will be permitted without the approval of the Westmount CCU. Preparing this type of project can seem long and arduous, but by working with the right contractor for the renovation project, you will be guided through the process making it simple and consistent with the architectural and regulatory heritage of the Town of Westmount.


Consult the Municipality of Westmount prior to the renovation

No renovation work can be done in Westmount without a permit. We consult with the Westmount Permit Office to find out what regulations will apply to our clients’ projects. Each project is unique and regulations are always changing. We propose projects that respect the regulations in effect for each house that is entrusted to us. Once we have established the needs, the budget and the schedule of our clients’ project, we produce plans that will be useful for the permit application.

ESPÉ assist you in your process to make your renovation project a success, and within the Westmount by-laws.