The last PQ (Parti Québécois) and now the Liberal governments have decided to emphasize on home renovations to boost our economy. Each government launched its own temporary program with the aim of supporting consumers with their home renovation bills. The latest program was announced last week. So this year, and for a limited time, two programs will reward you with some very generous taxes credits. Here is a brief summary of each: 

EcoRenov Limit date: The contract has to be signed before 2013 October 7th. Admissible work: Eco-energetic home renovation (windows, insulation, heating system…) Tax credit: 20% on expenses from 2 500$ to 52 500$ for a maximum tax credit of 10 000$.

LogiRenov Limit date: The contract has to be signed after 2014 April 24th and before 2015 July 1st. Admissible work: General home renovation (bathroom, kitchen, basement…) Tax credit: 20% on expenses from 3 000$ to 15 500$ for a maximum tax credit of 2 500$.  So this summer will be very busy for residential renovations, especially with the expected popularity of these programs. We are grateful for your trust and support of the past years. That’s why we thought it’s a good idea to inform you about these programs before it gets too busy.

Espé Reno Urbaine will be very glad to contribute with our know-how to help you with any future project if you decide to benefit from this programs this year. But in the meantime, we wish you a very nice summer!


Espé Réno Urbaine team

– Serving your Montreal home